About Us

Dirt Bar Studio

Hello my name is Kayla Alvarado. I founded King James Vintage Shop in 2018 with the intentions to create conscious consumers. We had a bit of everything from deodorants, candles, soaps, and clothing. All while I was working as a fitness instructor.

My personal hygiene experience and my love for Mother Earth heavily influenced me to open up my online shop. I always struggled with perspiration problems growing up. So to mask my stench I would use male deodorants. I wasn’t very fond of the male scent options available to me. So I started searching and researching for alternatives. Along that process I came across some information about the aluminum found in our deodorants. How aluminum is the leading cause of breast cancer. So I switched &struggled along the way trying to find an all natural deodorant that would work for me. I mean I really struggled.. I stunk, it burned, or irrated my skin. So I got fed up and started researching ways on how to make my own all natural deodorant. After many attempts and different formulas. I finally created an all natural deodorant that worked. That was the first product I ever created.

At the beginning of 2020 I took a short break. I recollected myself and came at my dream even harder. I started up again in June 2020 with a new name but with the same intentions to create conscious consumers. So I created Shop Sun Dreamz with a deeper love for researching the ingredients in our products, sustainable fashion, and trying to create less waste in the world. By creating Handmade Products that are clean, fresh, and biodegradable/reusable, as well as curating/reloving items, and helping other creators. Every product in my shop is thoughtfully made or curated. From the list of ingredients to the packaging or even the materials used. I truly believe that small changes can make a huge difference in the world.

I decided to rebrand in 2021 because change is always good. I’ve always wanted to integrate holistic healing into the shop. I was finally able when I started introducing Yoga Classes to the shop. It’s something that I am very passionate about and something that has helped me with my depression/anxiety over the years. Our space is safe and welcoming. I encourage you to be a part of our practice at Dirt Bar Studio. I’m here to help you all love and light. 

-Dirt Bar Studio ~Kayla