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Coffee Butter + CBD

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What is Coffee Butter ? 

It's an antioxidant rich skin and hair loving butter. Made to help keep your skin looking supple and young. It also promotes healthy hair growth and overall healthy hair. 

What's in Coffee Butter? & Why were these ingredients chosen. 

Sunflower oil infused Organic Coffee Beans locally roasted in McAllen, Texas- We chose a light oil to infuse the Coffee Grounds. It created a thick oil once the process was finished. Benefits: Sunflower Oil is high in essential fatty acids, as well as antioxidants and vitamin E, making it deeply nourishing and soothing to dry hair and scalps. It locks in moisture and helps keeps hair healthy and strong. This is why we paired the two together because Organic Coffee Bean oil: is full of antioxidants that help fight aging. Some studies have shown that coffee (specifically coffee oil) has similar effects on the skin as the anti-aging skincare ingredient hyaluronic acid. Coffee Bean oil can increase collagen and elastin, making the skin look and feel firmer.

Shea Butter- has anti-inflammatory qualities and fatty acids. Which supplies essential nutrients that can help treat scalp conditions and improve the overall health of the scalp. This will, in turn, strengthen the hair follicles, reduce hair loss, and make your hair grow thicker. 

Coconut Oil-  Is rich in fatty acids that include linoleic acid (which can be beneficial for acne-prone skin) and up to 50% lauric acid (which is hydrating and antimicrobial). 

Argon Oil- Helps moisturize and condition the hair and skin because it is full of fatty acids. It helps prevent hair loss and gives sun protection to the skin. 

Castor Oil- chosen because its an elixir for keeping the mane lustrous and skin glowing. It's enriched with vitamin E, omega fatty acids and proteins, castor oil helps prevent hair fall, premature greying of hair, battle irritated scalp problems and promotes hair growth. It can help pigmentation, acne or ageing. 


These oils and butters were chosen because they compliment each others benefits very well.  

2oz glass jar


 This product doesn't cure any diseases or infections.